Gonzos EP recording – work in progress

Taff in action

Day 1 of the The Lost Gonzos studio time has now been dragged off the cameras ready for processing (about 60 shots in all). The Gonzos are looking to produce between 3 -5 tracks for their EP ready for the media onslaught. Taff (pictured on the right) is the man who can and is working the desk to bring it all together.

Day 1 drums and bass.

Day 2 guitars and vocals.

Full pictorial record of the two days will be posted when all those RAW files have been turned into the final article and I’ll be shooting a similar amount later today. Not sure when the EP will be available but if the success of Day 1 is anything to go by then the boys will have produced something pretty special the end of it.

For the photogs reading this, what’s the most useful thing kit/technique-wise I’ve noticed shooting in a studio? – Two cameras. You don’t have much space to play with but you go from two types of shot very rapidly – close-up and wide (in the control room) to fairly distant (in the isolation booth or live room). So a different lens on each saves loads of swapping lenses.

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