Neil Morris – Live in Portsmouth

Hello all. If you’ve got a minute or two check out Neil Morris’ Live in Portsmouth album (using some of my pics for the sleeves) – Neil Morris – Live in Portsmouth @ Bandcamp

Russ Poole – City Lights

Russ has released his EP “City Lights” and has chosen my images for the album artwork. If you’d like to see and hear more of Russ you can pop over to his Facebook page, or to pick up the EP itself have a look at

Facebook and musical treats

Just a short blog post about some news. First up, I’ve finally experimented with Facebook and produced a fanpage that allowed me to pull the images in from an external source. It was Facebook’s compression of images that put me off building one sooner but all of that is now a thing of the past! […]

Eminem – Recovery

Not my work, but I like it a lot. Was looking at my profile and one of the recommendations was Eminem’s new album, Recovery. There are two different album covers for this album, both apparently shot by a Photographer named Nigel Parry, born in London and now based in New York. There’s some amazing […]