It’s all in the preparation

I’m currently editing some images from a Wedding I covered on the 29th of May (which was brilliant by the way, even if the weather tried it’s best to make a name for itself). I took a lot over the space of 10 hours, and I took them with two slightly different cameras. Not only […]

Gonzos EP Recording – Done!

Following on from the last blog entry, the pictures were imported, sorted and sifted, and then the tweaking began. Over 150 were taken and the pick of the bunch can be seen here – There’s even a few of the drummer! (He’s normally tucked away on stage behind the rest of the band). Watch […]

Gonzos EP recording – work in progress

Day 1 of the The Lost Gonzos studio time has now been dragged off the cameras ready for processing (about 60 shots in all). The Gonzos are looking to produce between 3 -5 tracks for their EP ready for the media onslaught. Taff (pictured on the right) is the man who can and is working […]

Image Clarity

I was contacted by “Dan” via the forum who had been looking through my site and had a question about my images…. I like the clarity, composition of your photo’s as viewed on your web site. How do you get such quality of your photo’s. Are they specifically sized for web ? I thought […]